tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Om livet och konsten vore en promenad.

"I discovered slow travel when I first moved to London. I never used to get the tube; I would get the buses and walk everywhere because I hate that sensation of going into a hole and coming out of another hole with no idea of what´s in between. I found London terrifying because I felt totally lost and in my mind it was defined by tourist images and terrible news stories, but I found that walking and taking buses helped me feel at home here. Slow travel is about the unknown, the meandering and wandering around a city; discovering a little courtyard you haven't seen before 100 yards from somewhere you normally walk up and down without thinking. You only stumble upon things if you are prepared to get lost. Once you let go of the feeling that your time is too precious to do this; it becomes this meditative, quite exciting, metaphysical thing."

Dan Kieran, Author. On walking (AnOther magazine 25th issue biannual autumn/winter 2013 pg. 132)